Baja Ha-Ha XXII 2015 Cruisers Rally
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Baja Ha-Ha XXII

The Baja Bash

We used to host an online version of The Baja Bash. However, it was so popular that the book went back into publication, and we had to remove the online book for copyright reasons. The Baja Bash II can now be ordered online from

Here is a note from the author, Jim Elfers:

"The Baja Bash link on the Ha-Ha site to the URL for the book generated regular inquiries to me about buying a hard copy. Apparently downloading 100 pages was a pain to many people plus the cartoons did not come through well. Even those who read it on their monitor often wanted a hard copy.

"I AM PLEASED TO SAY that Point Loma Publishing (Pat and John Rains) wants to publish the book and will be securing the required copyrights through me. I think this will be good for the boating public, and incidentally I will be including a chapter on other options such as trucking via San Carlos, Dockwise, and the Clipper Route.

"The book will be priced reasonably and who knows, may start saving marriages again!"

Captain Jim Elfers, December 2005
Channel Islands Harbor

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