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Baja Ha-Ha XXV


As you can see from the photos,
some parts of Cabo look more like a
traditional national park than others.

If you're heading south on the Baja Ha-Ha — sign-ups start at noon on May 9 — or on your own, be advised that there is a new 'passport' required if you're going to be visiting any of Mexico's many national parks.
And you almost certainly will, as the national parks include Guadalupe Island, the Coronado Islands, Todos Santos, San Martin, Cedros, the Benitos, Magdalena, Revillagigedo, Vizcaino, Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Pulmo, Espiritu Santo, Loreto, Bahia de Los Angeles, and others.
Cabo San Lucas a national park? Si.
The Conservation Passport costs 333.10 pesos — about $18 U.S. Everybody over six not suffering from a disability must have one.

They are good for one year. Once you get the 'passport', you are advised to take a screen shot of it with your phone and have it ready to show at any time.
There's only one problem. We tried the recommended ways to get such a passport online, which are by getting the Pasaporte de la Conservacion app on you iPhone or other device, or by going to But neither worked for us. The former is in Spanish only, while the latter proved to be an "unsecure" site that didn't connect anyway.
Mexico still struggles getting stuff functioning online. (Which is why we encourage people not to try to get a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) or FMM visa online. There are easier and less expensive ways.)
It's also possible to get a Conservation Passport at any ANP office. We have no idea where such offices are located.

But no sweat, as Mexico will probably get things sorted out by the time the cruising season starts. And in any event, we're confident that authorities will be able to sell you a passport on the spot, or if not, give you time to buy one.

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