Baja Ha-Ha XXV 2018 Cruisers Rally
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Baja Ha-Ha XXV


The Grand Poobah of the annual Baja Ha-Ha — the 750-mile cruisers' rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, with R&R stops at funky Turtle Bay and pristine Bahia Santa Maria — is pleased to announce that the owners of 25 multihulls have signed up for this year's event.
As it's the 25th anniversary of the Ha-Ha, it seems only fitting that 25 multihulls have already entered. A list of the entries accompanies this post.

The catamaran in the photo is Profligate,
the Kurt Hughes 'Surfin' 63',
that will be doing her 22nd Ha-Ha.

The Poobah's memory can, like the night, play tricks on him, but if he's not mistaken this is 10 more multihull entries than any previous year. Along with the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the Ha-Ha might feature the largest collection of multihulls in a long distance sailing event.
Of the 25 multihulls, 23 of them are catamarans. Lagoon is the manufacturer with the greatest representation at eight boats. The Catana 43 has the largest number of sisterships, with three. The smallest is a F/P Mahe at 35 feet. The largest is Profligate, the event mothership, which is 63 feet.
If you're a multihull owner who hasn't sailed in company with a bunch of other similar multihulls, you've missed something really great. Sailing in company is a great way to learn from others on sail trim and other aspects peculiar to multihulls. And if you're a multihull sailor who hasn't cruised the Sea of Cortez or mainland Mexico with your boat, you've also missing something really special.
The Ha-Ha departs San Diego on October 29, and it's still possible to sign up at

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