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I'm in the process of preparing an all new First-Timer's Guide to Cruising Mexico and could use a little input as there are places I haven't been in a couple of years.

I'm looking for short — two or three paragraph — reports on the following areas:

  1. Bahia Concepcion and north to Penasco in the Sea
  2. San Carlos / Guaymas
  3. Puerto Escondido
  4. Mazatlan
  5. Tenacatita / Barra de Navidad
  6. Santiago Bay / Las Hadas
  7. Zihua / Acapulco
  8. Huatulco

I'm looking for a general overview of each area. What the anchorages/berthing is like. What are the provisioning and restaurants like? Best time of year to be there and any weather issues. Is there internet? Are there boat supplies/boatyard available? Are there any security issues?

Please be specific. Answers such as "The shopping is great and the anchorages are awesome" are not helpful.

I'm looking for answers such as: "The X area is ideal for cruising because you can either take a berth at Marina Y or anchor nearby at Whale's Corner in 17 feet of water with good holding. I shop at Jose's Market and at OXXO, but also buy fresh fish from the locals. You can get inexpensive and delicious dinners at Claudia's and Felix's. Late fall and winter are great, but it's too humid and rains too much in the summer and fall. Always feel safe, but I carefully hoist dinghy/outboard out of the water each night. Make sure you swim with the Great White Sharks and take the hike to Groover's Peak at sunset."

By submitting information you agree to let me use parts of it or edit for clarity and brevity.

I'm looking for aerial photos to illustrate each area. I've got my own shots of San Carlos, Puerto Escondido, Mazatlan, Cabo, all of Banderas Bay, Barra, BSM, and Turtle Bay. Could particularly use some of Concepcion Bay and Zihua.


I'm also looking for the most popular ways for cruisers to communicate. We mostly use our T-Mobile phone, Garmin InReach, and whatsapp. What do you use?


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