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Baja Ha-Ha XXV


Bonzer 1

Michael and Vicki, high-speed champs

Michael and Vicki Novak of the Ventura based Explorer 44 trimaran Bonzer hit the highest speeds in last year's Baja Ha-Ha.
After hitting 19 knots during the second leg of the Ha-Ha while carrying a main and spinnaker, they decided to take it a little easier with just a main and a jib. They still hit 18 knots.
Light is right when it comes to high speeds, and Bonzer is a light one. She was designed by Chris White, and to our mind is the nicest looking cruising trimaran we've ever seen.
We bumped into Michael and Vicki on the docks at Nayarit Riviera Marina about 10 days ago, and they told us they were heading back up to California and were seriously thinking about doing Baja Ha-Ha 25.

The Explorer 44 interior. This may be a sistership to Bonzer.

We sure hope so. Because if they do, we're going to leave half the junk we usually carry on Profligate and go head to head with them for high speed honors. Bonzer is super light, but Profligate has a much longer waterline, so it could be a fun battle.
If you're thinking about doing the Ha-Ha, remember that sign-ups start at noon on May 9 at

This is either Bonzer or a close sistership.
To my eyes, she's as good-looking a cruising trimaran as I've ever seen.

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